Anything that you say during an appointment is confidential and will not be discussed with anybody else, but there are some rare exceptions:

  1. If you disclose that you are laundering money or that you are a terrorist then any counsellor is legally obliged to inform the appropriate authorities.
  2. If you disclose that you are actively physically or sexually abusing children or that you intend to do so then I will inform the social services.

It is also a requirement of membership of all of the professional registration bodies for counsellors and therapists that they undertake regular supervision with another professional.  What this means is that the issues that you discuss may be shared with another therapist but not in a way that would identify you personally.  These supervising therapists and also bound by confidentiality.

You may wish to know that I may keep the briefest of records usually containing only first names and a few words, perhaps 10 or so which I use as a memory aid to remind me of what we have discussed in earlier sessions.  Again, these briefest of notes are confidential and are not shared with anybody.  As a counsellor in private practice I have no connections with your doctor or any of the health services so you can be sure that you have the utmost confidentiality.

You can also be assured that if we were to meet accidentally outside of the time that we are working together in appointments, it would be your choice as to whether we acknowledged each other, so you need have no concerns about explaining how we knew each other.

If you'd like a little more information about confidentiality then please watch the video on this page.