Counselling – the benefits

Many people do not fully understand the benefits of counselling and discussing problems with a counsellor. Counselling can actually help with all sorts of problems with a wide range of causes. Research shows that therapies work just as well regardless of your age, gender or ethnicity. They work if you're rich or poor, from a perfect education background or from a poor education background. It makes no difference at all.

Therapy is designed for anyone who is struggling with problems that they can't resolve on their own; often these problems have been on-going for a substantial length of time.

Why therapy / counselling might help

A lot of the time, it's far easier to be more open with a stranger than it would be to be open with a friend or relative. Counsellors are also bound by confidentiality, so you have a level of trust that anything you share is kept private (certain exceptions apply). All your time with a counsellor is generally one-to-one except in the cases of group or couple counselling, which is performed with the group/couple.

There are many different types of therapy available however, they all have a very similar aim. That is to make you feel better in yourself and find your own solutions. A good counsellor will never advise you what to do, they will simply help you find the right path in order to resolve any trouble and difficulties that you're having.

Counselling is a affordable form of treatment considering the benefits which can be gained.