Free bucket of cringes

To cringe:

to feel disgust or embarrassment and often to show this feeling by a movement of your face or body

Hi there,

I have here a free bucket of cringes which I'd like to offer you. You can have it now.

I have been collecting the cringes in this bucket for decades and I can tell you that there are some quality cringes here for you to take.

The collection contains minor cringes such as "It'd been better if I hadn't said/done that" through medium cringes such as "That was a really stupid thing for me to have done/said, What on earth will they think of me now!" and continues into Hold your head in yours hands and shake it from side to side saying "No, no, no" level cringes. It also contains some "I hope nobody ever finds out what I've done" whole body shake cringes and beyond.

Each cringe has been routinely and painstakingly examined and re-examined many times so as to make sure that it maintains its strength and emotional impact.

The cringes are contained in a convenient virtual red bucket that I used to be able to carry around with me but there are now so many cringes that the bucket is overflowing and can't be seen.  It looks like Mount Vesuvius.

I am getting rid of them because I just don't have the time to give them the attention they require. I did my best but there are now just too many of them to keep up with so I am letting go of them.

I know that you will have your own bucket of cringes so I am not optimistic that you will want mine as well but please could you consider my offer? If you'd like to have them then please email me and I will send them to you.

In anticipation of you declining my offer I have set up a Cringe Reprocessing Facility at Do please visit the site and consider submitting your cringes for processing. The service is free, anonymous and completely confidential. There is no marketing and you do not have to subscribe to anything or receive any emails.  Your cringes are never seen by human eye.

Each and every cringe that you submit is processed and is turned into fertilizer for a woodland lake. The Cringe Dump makes it clear that it does not accept any liability for any good feelings that you begin to have once you have submitted any cringes that you'd like to let go of.

If you don't want to visit the site then you can just email as many cringes as you like to and they will be automatically processed. You'll receive just one email confirming your submissions and you can email The Cringe Dump as often as you like. Some major cringes may require a second submission but I understand that the Neurobiologic Technologies© used make this very rare.

Go for it. Now.